Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Have I Become

Something struck me the other day. I have become a radical. And it is an evolution that took a mere five years. What shocked me was that not only did it take such a short period of time, but it has happened while living in a purple and then a red state. Growing up in Massachusetts, and living most of my life there, made me no more liberal than average. In fact, much of my late teens and twenties were spent working in Republican politics in the Bay State.

But the past several years have simply left me with no other option than to embrace my newfound radicalism. See, it wasn't just the Republican control of our government with their trashing of the Constitution or their pathological lying to the American people that pushed me over the edge. It was actually the feebleness of the Democratic Party that sent me down this path.

With almost no exception the Democratic Party has been ineffectual, corrupt and cowardly. They have sit idly by while BushCo has sent our troops off to die for a war based on lies, while the real culprit for 9-11 bides his time in the hills of the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. They have failed to show even one iota of courage or convictions. They do not to speak truth to power. Not only are the Democrats weak-willed, but they suckle from the same corporate teat as their GOP comrades.

Where is the outrage? Where is the leadership? How is it that at this moment in time, when our country is in such a crisis, that one entire Party sits silently and fails to exercise its power to make change?

I am sick and tired of Democrats telling us to sit tight, that they will get tougher tomorrow. Too many tomorrows have passed and I, like many Americans, am out of patience. It is past the time for those of us who care about America to take the Democratic Party back. It will no longer suffice that someone has a D beside their name. If they vote to continue this war, to continue eviscerating the Bill of Rights, to continue to finance tax cuts for the rich on the backs of the poor, then they do not deserve our support. If they want to act like a Republican, then let them be a Republican.

The time has come to challenge EVERY fucking Democrat complicit with this administration. The blood of thousands of our young men and women is on their hands. And they must be made to pay for their transgressions in primaries. We need to take back our party from the corporatists and the cowardly. America deserves no less.

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