Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Music Matters

Even though our politics are in the crapper, we still have great music. The sound of music can serve as either a balm to soothe our psyche through melody or ethereal notes. Or, it can be an industrial grade abrasive scouring the particles of despair from our minds. Here are some of the best of each type.

Calgon, Take me Away
Places- Georgie James
Burning Off Impurities- Grails
The Shepherd's Dog- Iron & Wine
The Stage Names- Okkervil River
Pilgrimage- Om
The Fragile Army- The Polyphonic Spree
Oblivion With Bells- Underworld
Night Drive- Chromatics

Pardon Me While I Scrub My Subconscious
Gone- Mono
Pink Mammoth- Pelican
S/T- A Place to Bury Strangers
Split- Ryokuchi & Fire Witch
Weighing Souls With Sand- The Angelic Process
Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky- Earthless
Void- Intronaut
Samus Octology- Irepress
Given to the Rising- Neurosis

Song of the Day*

Wild Mountain Nation by Blitzen Trapper

Come out from the world
and into my arms
like wind on the water with me
come out from the city
come out from the town
build stone by stone a wild mountain home

When the red moon wains
we'll be moving on the plains
through the tall grass out to the sea
and we'll cross that water
my wild mountain lover
like wolves running silent and free

So if your love won't grow
and the rivers won't flow
just join that holy desert tribe
is where we saddle up to ride
you know that wild mountain nation
on the rise of going home

Come out from the world
and into my arms
like wind on the water with me
with wings like the angels
and hearts like the sun
building stone by stone
a wild mountain home

*Though this is the song of the day, it has been one of the most played songs on my iPod over the past few months.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Finding a Voice

Congratulations to the progressive blogosphere for funding robocalls into the districts of five Bush Dog Democrats who voted against children's healthcare. The DCCC has been running their own effort to put pressure on vulnerable GoOPers and now the progressives have set their sights on the morons in our own Party. It's about time these Congresscritters realize that there is a price to be paid for siding with the President over the people of their districts. No longer will incumbents get a free ride merely because they have a D after their name.

(click here for more information)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Cowardice

Remember back a few weeks ago when the Democrats in the Senate (specifically Leahy) said they would not confirm a new Attorney General until the White House provided documents relating to the USA scandal? Well, surprise, surprise... they have caved already. In a letter made public Wednesday, Senator Leahy stated that confirmation hearings would go forward despite the White House's lack of compliance. So, of course, Senator Leahy got a letter from me.

Senator Leahy-
I am saddened by your cowardice in the face of the Bush administration. I refer specifically to the nomination hearings for AG nominee Mukasey. This administration's refusal to provide documents and honor subpoenas has dangerously undermined our American system of government. Rather than hold this administration accountable, you have instead folded. I'd like to say that I am surprised by this level of cowardice, but as someone who has watched an emasculated Democratic Party for the past many years, nothing shocks me anymore.

My only solace is that you and your fellow spineless DC Democrats are nearing retirement and we have been replacing your kind with actual fighting Democrats. I look forward to the day when we will be rid of our cowardly leaders such as yourself.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This is what totalitarianism looks like- a dead Buddhist monk, lying face down in Rangoon.


... Bush, still an asshole.

Ok, so that isn't really news. But Chimpy did veto the bipartisan State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) bill today. The bill provided for an expansion of the program to cover an additional 4 million children. But, Bushie said to do so would move us towards socialized medicine.

Socialized medicine? Are you kidding me? That is the best the White House can come up with for a reason to keep millions of children without access to health care. It should come as no surprise that their worry was that children might leave private insurers in favor of SCHIP. God forbid anything happens to the precious HMOs bottom lines!

This administration has made it abundantly clear that their health care policy is driven solely by the economic interests of the insurance and Pharma lobbies. Just look at the monumental clusterfuck that is Part D. We could save billions of dollars if the government provided Rx coverage through Medicare, rather than lining the pockets of private insurers. But why think about things like efficiency when you've got corporate masters to satisfy?

It is sickening just how little this band of corporatists care about our children, our elderly and our less fortunate. Compassionate conservatism my ass!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Food for Thought

"... aren't you ashamed to care so much to make all the money you can, and to advance your reputation and prestige- while for truth and wisdom and the improvement of your soul you have no care or worry?" -- Socrates