Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Cowardice

Remember back a few weeks ago when the Democrats in the Senate (specifically Leahy) said they would not confirm a new Attorney General until the White House provided documents relating to the USA scandal? Well, surprise, surprise... they have caved already. In a letter made public Wednesday, Senator Leahy stated that confirmation hearings would go forward despite the White House's lack of compliance. So, of course, Senator Leahy got a letter from me.

Senator Leahy-
I am saddened by your cowardice in the face of the Bush administration. I refer specifically to the nomination hearings for AG nominee Mukasey. This administration's refusal to provide documents and honor subpoenas has dangerously undermined our American system of government. Rather than hold this administration accountable, you have instead folded. I'd like to say that I am surprised by this level of cowardice, but as someone who has watched an emasculated Democratic Party for the past many years, nothing shocks me anymore.

My only solace is that you and your fellow spineless DC Democrats are nearing retirement and we have been replacing your kind with actual fighting Democrats. I look forward to the day when we will be rid of our cowardly leaders such as yourself.

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